Ripple has created a social publishing platform to help philanthropic celebrities raise money for causes they care about. We help turn their social views and shares into charitable donations. Ripple is ideal for any celebrity influencer who has a sizeable social following, strong social engagement, and a strong desire to use their existing social media activity for a good cause. Ripple is not a substitute for, rather a smart addition to a celebrity’s fundraising toolkit. What sets Ripple apart from other fundraising solutions is that we raise money without ever asking for donations...ever.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Celebrities simply use Ripple to publish directly to their social media.
  2. Ripple monetizes posts on with advertising revenue, which is shared directly with the charity of the celebrity’s choice.
  3. As Ripple posts gain views and shares (and go viral), money gets raised; all at zero cost to the charity, the celebrity, and their fans.

It really is that simple!

If you’re a celebrity who would like to raise more money for your favorite causes by doing what you’re already doing on social media, without ever asking your fans for donations, use the form below to contact Ripple today!

Ripple is Fundraising Redefined™.

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