Below are some frequently asked questions.

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What is Ripple?

Ripple is a free social publishing platform that helps philanthropic celebrities and nonprofit organizations raise even more money for their causes by turning existing social media activity into charitable donations. Ripple is a smart addition to any fundraising toolkit.

How does it work?

Ripple converts social media engagement into charitable donations through a unique sponsorship and ad-based revenue model.

How much will Ripple cost?

Ripple is totally free for non-profit organizations, celebrities and their fans to use.

How do we know how much money has been raised for us?

We use industry-leading software to measure every dollar generated through our content contributor’s social activity. Ripple provides transparent reporting to our non-profit partners.

How does Ripple make money?

Ripple partners with leading brands that understand the value in associating with causes, nonprofits, celebrities and their fans. Revenue is generated from brand advertising and sponsorship fees, which is allocated between Ripple and participating charities.

Is Ripple a crowd-sourcing tool?

Ripple is not a crowd-sourcing app and does not require cash donations from our users during any part of the Ripple experience. Celebrities and non-profit organizations that use crowd-sourcing tools can still post to social media through Ripple (and Ripple would not share in any crowdsourced dollars).

Are you a nonprofit?

We are a socially conscious for-profit enterprise that exists to serve and empower nonprofit organizations. We designed our business model to ensure our charity partners receive a significant share of revenues.

Does this require a technology expert from my/our team to set up and manage?

No. The beauty of Ripple is how easy it is to use. We will provide the tools necessary for your celebrity ambassador(s) to engage your existing social audience.

We currently have social media strategies, why do we need you?

Because Ripple turns your social media activity into actual dollars, without ever asking for donations. Our goal is to positively impact charitable organizations by helping drive awareness and generate sustainable revenue to support their causes.

Can we use your platform without our celebrity ambassador?

Yes. Our platform is designed to monetize any existing social media efforts. Ripple is ideal for any celebrity or charitable organization who has a high social following, high social engagement, and is looking to monetize their existing social media activity for a good cause. All nonprofits who wish to use our platform are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

What type of advertising should we expect to see?

Expect to see targeted advertising from leading national brands. We do not support, nor will we ever publish, inappropriate content. Ripple takes into consideration existing celebrity endorsements and overall nonprofit concerns.

How do we get started?

Getting started is easy! Contact us to learn how Ripple can help you today.